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Great looking furniture and great service. Very thankful for the patience of the sale person and even more for the t...
We purchased a King Size Bed. Very reasonable. Walked in snd out within an hour. Customer Service was excellent. They...
Welcome to Tate Furniture!
Welcome to Tate Furniture!

Durango Pewter Collection (7003 style)

by Fusion
SKU 7003 -00, -01 DURANGO PEWTER

The 7003 Durango Pewter collection seamlessly merges classic sophistication with playful charm, ideal for elevating any space. Our 7003 style provides Durango Pewter with a modern, clean, but minimalistic appearance. Enhanced by its distinctive hue, these pieces create an irresistible fusion of elegance and excitement. Striking a perfect balance between classic allure and vibrant energy, this collection enriches the ambiance of any home with its sophisticated yet lively presence, ensuring a captivating and harmonious atmosphere that blends sophistication with lively charm.